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Advancing the New Mindset of Mobility

San Francisco, California
March 11-12 2020

The Conference

Two Days of Information, Innovation & Opportunity

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) describes a shift away from personally-owned modes of transportation and towards mobility provided as a shared service.  MaaS is quickly gaining momentum around the world, holding the promise of making personal mobility more affordable for families and the communities they live in.


MaaS disrupts and inspires traditional transportation players, private ventures and city officials at the same time.  But to ensure MaaS meets its full potential, it must be informed by a variety of views and serve multiple goals.

MaaS-A-Con brings together innovators, practitioners and advocates to experience the technologies and best-practices that can make MaaS a reality in our communities.

Conference Goals

  • To create a forum where delegates learn new things and and build relationships among fellow operators, solutions providers, government officials and all those interested in deploying MaaS.

  • To provide an environment conducive to triggering minds and building lasting connections.

  • To present the realities of MaaS and ask the tough questions.

  • To teach how to leverage mobility assets to deploy MaaS more effectively.

MaaS America Objectives

  • Advance effective MaaS as a fundamental element of modern life.

  • Inform and build a sustainable framework for Mobility-as-a-Service.

  • Shape MaaS America strategy, agenda, work plan and roadmap.



What is MaaS America?

Mobility - how people and goods move - is undergoing a transformation called Mobility as a Service.  And MaaS America was founded to advance it in a way that reflects America's unique history, geography, economy and consumer desires.  MaaS America provides a forum for the public, industry, government and academia to cooperate, collaborate and effectively develop the framework, models, tools, policies and rules to enable shared mobility solutions that work with our 21st century economy and lifestyles.
MaaS America supporters are public and private actors who champion efficient, integrated mobility solutions and who share a commitment to advancing MaaS as an integral part of vibrant lives, businesses, social systems and built and natural environments. 

See www.maasamerica.org.

Learn from Experienced & Inspirational Innovators
Sharing knowledge and best practices from across the American mobility landscape


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