MAAS-A-CON's New Date: August 25-26

Dear MaaS-A-Con Volunteers, Supporters and Attendees:


Once a year, MaaS America looks forward to hosting mobility-minded experts from around North America at MaaS-A-Con, a unique opportunity for shared-mobility experts, innovators, evangelists and academics to engage in a 2-day event with like-minded peers to discuss and determine how we realize MaaS in a way that reflects the American notion of mobility. 

The event was to be held March 11th & 12th, but the Board of Directors of MaaS America, on March 6th, decided to postpone MaaS-A-Con due to the COVID-19 outbreak situation.  It was a difficult choice, but we were glad we made it. 

The Board decided on March 11th that the new date for MaaS-A-Con will be August 25th and 26th, in San Francisco, and likely at the same venue. 

The program will remain the same, save for the addition of Q&A specifically on the role of MaaS in transport ecosystem resiliency, a topic that was always considered important if not a bit overlooked, but which has taken on new urgency today.


The Planning Committee is working with speakers, sponsors, contractors and partners to re-confirm their ability to participate on the new dates.  Responses to date indicate little disruption to the program.  And, where panelists are needed, this is an opportunity for those who wanted to participate before to do so.


For registered delegates, there are two options: 1) hold your registration and attend MaaS-A-Con in August, or; 2) request a refund (to be processed the week of March 16th).   

I and the Planning Committee are very grateful for the Board, speakers, moderators, members and partners who have invested their resources to make this event possible.  Thank you!

Best Regards,


Tim McGuckin

Executive Director

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